Senoia, Georgia is a creepy old place. One hour south of Atlanta in the Deep South, Senoia is the town where AMC’s “The Walking Dead” is filmed. It is also the home town of ALL THE REST who are as much misfits in their town as their Zombie counterparts.

Baylee Waller (19) is the son of a contemporary Christian artist and his dad bought him an electric guitar aged 10. Baylee immersed himself in music and when he was at a Tennessee music festival his dad was performing at, he met Jud Harris (19) who had been playing drums since the age of 8. They started to hang out together and dream of being rock stars. When Baylee’s cousin Caleb Smith (18) heard Jud and Baylee jamming together he decided he wanted to play guitar too. He was only 12 but when he started to practice with the other two the band suddenly landed its lead singer.

In the summer of 2013 the band knew they needed to add a bass player to their line up and so posted a Facebook status. Local bass player Tre Housman (20) had been playing since the age of 7, he luckily heard about the vacant position and impressed the guys with his skills.

With the line up now complete the guys have played constantly in the Georgia music scene and developed their skills as songwriters and musicians.

All home schooled, All The Rest are anything but regular and with their individual fashion style and weird personalities were often sneered at by locals. They ignored and persevered and when their music reached the ears of LA Music Publishers Kundun Music they were immediately snapped up for synchronisation in Film, TV and commercials.

Now recording in the studio with legendary alt Producer Matt Squire, whose credits include Panic! at the Disco, Youngblood Hawke, Good Charlotte, Boys Like Girls and All Time Low.

Often thought to be pretentious, All The Rest mysteriously thrives on the outer critics, making honest music for a disoriented and systematic generation. Inspired by the Post-Punk era, this alternative rock band carries a rebellious voice, unexpected from their sleepy Deep South. It’s undeniable that this band represents “All The Rest” of society.

Their first official release is Black Plague – released March 7th 2017. It is a raw and honest song about a true life toxic former relationship for one of the band that lead to nothing but pain and heartache.